If you’ve met the team at rTraction Canada, Inc., you know we have leaders of all kinds. Our talented and passionate teammates are leaders in their fields and in the community, and you can learn more about them in the context of their work over on our brand sites for Ellipsis Digital and Engine SevenFour.

Our team started with three leaders, our co-founders:



David Billson

Authenticity and enough knowledge to figure out how to get the job done. That’s how David’s career started, and it’s a theme that carries through his work and his leadership.

For over twenty years, David has deployed Internet-related solutions and technologies to enhance efficiencies for businesses of all sizes. Throughout his career, David has managed all aspects of the software development lifecycle, from requirements analysis to software production to quality assurance. He has held progressive positions within both large and small businesses, including: software architect, developer, project leader and Director of Technology at Agribiz.net before co-founding rTraction Canada, Inc., in 2001.

A proud father of seven, David believes in strong community engagement and making the world a better place for the next generation. He serves as the Past Chair of the Pillar Non Profit Network as well as participating in committee work with several regional committees for his marketing and communication expertise.

VP of Strategy

Shawn Adamsson

Shawn balances over 20 years of experience in technology with a passion for community both inside and outside of our walls.

Shawn started career as a systems architect and network administrator, and continues to lead our technical decision-making at rTraction Canada, Inc. Shawn has a passion for learning new things, from technology to marketing. He is a community driver within our organization and in his own right. He is the brains behind some of our most successful campaigns, and has the heart to see them through.

Shawn initiated rTraction Canada, Inc.’s corporate social responsibility program, which now offers $100,000/year in free services to the community. His passion for community building has shown up in many places, including Hack the Vote, ChangeCamp London, Pints and Politics, and the Urban League of London.


VP of Quality Assurance

Josh Dow

Josh’s technical leadership at rTraction Canada, Inc. is backed by fifteen years of experience in development and quality assurance, alongside a quiet, collaborative leadership style.

Josh started his career as a programmer, quickly graduated into team leadership and ultimately moved into user-focused testing. Josh’s community commitment includes support of our nonprofit clients like Los Frutos del Café and his role as Website Liaison for the London Chapter of IABC since 2008.