Arts Top 10: Volume 4

Starting September off with news, events and stories to inform and inspire. Highlights include where art meets tech, TIFF and Culture Days. 


Sensory Friendly Performances' Relax Rules to Welcome People with Autism (Globe and Mail)

On Theatre Passe Muraille's first "relaxed performance" — sometimes called "sensory friendly performances" — designed to make theatre more welcoming and accessible to members of the audience with autism spectrum disorder, learning disabilities or other sensory and communication disorders. 

Bound is a Beautifully Tragic Game with Terrific Replay Value (Nerdist)

"The first thing that captured my attention was the main character—a slender humanoid with a winged ruby helmet. She has no name and no language other than a jumble of sounds. She speaks through dance—all of her movements were motion captured using professional European dancer Maria Udod as a model in real-life with choreography by Michał Adam Góral. It’s refreshing to not have to run and jump like normal human characters. She’s an aerobatic dancer who moves with her own style of grace and harmony, not based on a single dance technique but rather many genres of existing techniques (so try not to refer to her as a ballerina)."

Meet the DIY Custodians Saving Athens' Street Art | Conservation Lab (The Creators Project)

"In 2012, a stencil piece by Blek le Rat in Leipzig was granted protected status and classified as a historical monument. Meanwhile, in Banksy’s hometown of Bristol, measures were being taken by the mayor to preserve the city’s rich street art heritage. Given that a beloved Banksy piece became rubble just a few days ago, however, it’s evident that government measures aren’t quite enough. Today in Athens, a group of conservators are taking street art preservation into their own hands."

Taking Stock of Digital Innovation in the Performing Arts (CAPACOA)

Flowing from initial explorations within The Value of Presenting study, the Canadian Arts Presenting Association (CAPACOA) is embarking on a new national initiative to identify and investigate opportunities for emerging digital technologies in the performing arts.

Her Career: Raji Aujla w/ Business for the Arts (She Does the City)

Raji Aujla is the National Marketing and Program Strategist and National Events Manager with Business for the Arts (BftA), the country’s only national charitable association of business members who support the arts. On top of this, she is the Creative Director of her own eco-friendly fashion line, Aujla.

Plan Your Culture Days (

Culture Days will run from September 30-October 2 this year, and will offer thousands of free, hands-on, interactive activities across Canada to allow Canadians to participate in — and appreciate — arts and culture in various forms. Since its inception, 10 million Canadians have participated in 40,000 Culture Days activities and events in 900 cities and towns across the country. The Culture Days website offers a searchable activities directory to help with planning each day. 

When the Web Is Made of Thread: Artist Robin Kang on Weaving High-Tech Tapestries for the Internet Era (Artspace)

"Drawing inspiration as much from her Southwestern upbringing as the increasingly networked world around her, the artist Robin Kang is reinterpreting the age-old tradition of weaving with the added leverage of digital software. Kang—with the help of a very rare type of loom that combines hand weaving with computerized processing—makes woven tapestries depicting microchips, motherboards, and other elements of modern technology that remain quasi-mystical to the average MacBook user."

Prix Ars Electronica 2016 Winners (Ars Electronica)

The winners of the Prix Ars Electronica & STARTS Prize 2016 have been announced. The international awards celebrate excellence in CyberArts, and categories include Computer Animation/Film/VFX, Interactive Art + and Digital Communities.

Picasso, Matisse, O’Keeffe, and More: 10 Inspiring Artist Studios in Vogue (Vogue)

"An artist’s workspace is sacred ground. It’s a safe space for their dreams and an incubator for their ideas. The studios that once belonged to artists like O’Keeffe, Picasso, and Bacon were the places where these visionaries lived most of their lives, interpreting and reinventing the world outside of its windows and walls. Some artists created living spaces among the canvases and brushes, decorating with beautiful furniture and making sure keepsakes and personal photographs were nearby. If life can imitate art, the studio space cultivated as a living space is the greatest example of this. Here, the most inspiring, well-appointed artist studios in Vogue."

Toronto: Lagos Sends Its Cinematic Best to Fest’s City to City Program (Variety)

"The bright lights of Toronto turn on Lagos this week, as the Nigerian metropolis takes center stage for TIFF’s eighth City to City program."