Arts Top 10: Volume 5

To everything, there is a season... With this week's seasonal shift, the latest roundup covers change and seasons of all kinds, from theatre to the planet, along with other interesting stories.


Tragically Hip Frontman Gord Downie Teams With Jeff Lemire For ‘Secret Path’ (Comics Alliance)

(Excerpt) Gord Downie, lead singer of the legendary Canadian band the Tragically Hip, is teaming up with comics writer/artist Jeff Lemire, of Sweet Tooth, Extraordinary X-Men, and much more besides, for a comic that will accompany Downie’s next solo album.

National Ballet of Canada and Art Gallery of Ontario collaborate on a fusion of dance and art (Mooney on theatre)

(Excerpt) The Dreamers Ever Leave You is a contemporary ballet performed by dancers from the National Ballet of Canada. Choreographed by Robert Binet, the work premiered on August 31 as an accompaniment to the Art Gallery of Ontario’s (AGO) current special exhibit of Lawren Harris paintings, The Idea of the North. In keeping with the environment of the Signy Eaton Gallery at AGO, the piece is akin to a dance installation. Dancers perform on three mats and audience members are invited to move throughout the space.

NASA’s New Artist Has An Amazing Climate Change Tattoo (Fast Co.Exist)

(Excerpt) Justin Guariglia, a New York City artist who today launched a partnership with NASA, is obsessed with how humans are changing the planet. 

For years, his art has explored the implications of the Anthropocene—the new epoch that the International Geological Congress voted to declare just a few weeks ago, based on the fact that the planet’s land, water, air, and life systems have been so influenced by humans that we have pushed the Earth into a new epoch on the geological time scale. The Holocene, the Earth’s current epoch, has lasted 12,000 years since the end of the last Ice Age.

Guariglia is nothing if not committed. On the day the geologists made their announcement in August, he went out and got a tattoo.

Les Miserables marks 20th anniversary of The Grand Theatre’s High School Project (The Londoner)

(Excerpt) The Grand Theatre’s High School Project will celebrate its 20th anniversary when Les Miserables officially opens September 23, a milestone simultaneously serving as the beginning of a new chapter at the Richmond Street playhouse.

Country star opens Grand season (The Whig)

(Excerpt) With hundreds upon hundreds of performances, and dozens upon dozens of tours around the world in her more than two decades in music, you'd think Terri Clark would have seen it all by now. But you'd be wrong.

For one thing, some of the 41 stops on this 50-day tour are places Clark, who opens the Grand Theatre's new season Friday night, has never played, places such as Geraldton, Atikokan and Red Lake in this province alone.

When a Contemporary Ruin Becomes an Art Festival (Canadian Art)

(Excerpt) Opened with utopian ideals in 1971, and largely closed to the public in 2012 amid civic uncertainty, Ontario Place is hosting an art festival this month. Here, works by Ben Watt Myers and Acapulco speak to the site as detritus and monument. 

This Climate Change Memorial Will Slowly Disappear As Sea Levels Rises (Fast Co.Exist)

(Excerpt) The D.C. park that holds the Jefferson Memorial might be an early victim of climate change. As an island built on reclaimed land, it has been sinking for decades. High tides already often flood the sidewalk along the edge. Sea levels are rising faster in the area than anywhere else on the East Coast, and twice as fast as in the rest of the world. If sea level rise hits three feet, the whole park would be underwater.

People used to drive cars into this tree — now Douglas Coupland is immortalizing it in gold (CBC Arts)

Douglas Coupland, pop culture icon, celebrates Vancouver's Hollow Tree with his own Golden Tree in the heart of Vancouver.

Greek Feminist Artist Makes Enchanting, Painterly GIFs (The Creators Project)

(Excerpt) We're spotlighting the fine art GIFs of Greek artist Eleana Chrysanthou Petoussi. We immediately fell in love with her dynamic take on paintings and sketches, adding just enough movement to make her visions pop. The Cyprus-born artist studied at the Moscow State Academic Institute of Art (Surikov) before returning home to hone her skills and style.

"The Person I've Become" - an Alisa Siegel documentary (CBC)

The Intergenerational Choir is a program that brings together the Alzheimer Society London and Middlesex, Sisters of St. Joseph and the Medway Secondary School music program to connect Alzheimer Society clients and the younger generation in song. Alisa Siegel's documentary is a window into a rehearsal with this group.