The End and New Beginnings

April 10, 2013

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Canada’s Worst Charity Website 2013 is in the books and we couldn’t be happier with the way things turned out.

12 great charities

Over 40,000 total votes

2 great winners and…

What’s that? Yes, I said two.

First and foremost hats off to the Wild Bird Care Centre (WBCC) in Ottawa. They reached out to their supporters and community at an unprecedented level, garnering over 16,000 votes to claim the top prize of a $20,000 website makeover from rtraction.



Web videos. Memes. Radio. Television. Facebook. Twitter. The Wild Bird Care Centre displayed an uncanny knack for getting their message out in a way that was completely them and fully in tune with CWCW 2013′s spirit of supporter and community engagement and friendly competition.

But we couldn’t award just one prize.

The runner-up in CWCW 2013, the AIDS Committee of Guelph (ACG) , showed too much passion, heart and commitment to let them go away empty-handed. Like the WBCC, they did a great job getting their message out to supporters, their community and like-minded organizations through Twitter and Facebook and other media. They also did an amazing job of face-to-face engagement, with volunteers heading into the community to spread the word about AIDS Guelph and their need for a new website. Because of all that, the ACG is walking away with a $15,000 website makeover—coming in 2014—so if you’re a supporter of this great charity stay tuned for more details!

rtraction would also like to take a minute to thank the 10 other organizations that took part in the exciting final round of voting – Secrets of Radar Museum, Sheena’s Place, syn.ap.tic, Canadian Epilepsy Alliance, Self-Esteem Network of Hamilton, Girls Incorporated of Durham, Ferret Aid Society, Wildlands League, Crochet Club of London and Sleeping Children Around the World. These charities may not have won the grand prize but each and every one of them did a great job getting their message out to communities and supporters.

There’s an old saying that talks about there only being one winner. We here at rtraction beg to differ. As far as we’re concerned 12 great charities worked tirelessly for three weeks to raise awareness in their communities and get out the vote. The fact they all succeeded beyond our wildest expectations says to us that the thousands of people who use these great organizations’ services are winners, too.

Congratulations to everyone and stay tuned for details on Canada’s Worst Charity Website 2014!


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