What You and Your Designer Need to Know about the New Twitter Profile (PSD template included)

September 18, 2012

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Facebook may have cover images, but now Twitter has unveiled its own design update to help you highlight your brand: header photos!

This new profile design — announced earlier today  will allow you to “express yourself instantly, anywhere“.

The newly improved design keeps your profile consistent across Twitter apps on multiple platforms: iPhone, iPad and Android.


What do you need to do?

Start by designing a new header photo.

Hire a designer, design it yourself, or wait a couple of days and countless images will be available to you on image sourcing sites.


What do you need to know?

Minimum dimensions are 1252×626 and Maximum file size is 5MB

Keep in mind that your profile picture is displayed on top of the header photo.

This can work for you or against you; plan to design a header photo using the profile image if you can. Of the profiles being promoted today, my favourite is Ryan Seacrest‘s design. That is of course, following our own design ;)

We’ve made the design process easier for you, click here to get the PSD template.

Keep in mind that a gradient will be applied to the image you upload:

Twitter Gradient

Your full name, Twitter handle and bio will also appear on top of the header photo in white (for now).

All done? Simply upload it to Twitter and you’re good to go!


What else is new? Twitter has also moved and improved the photo stream to give your photos more prominence.

Now, you can swipe through images on a profile page, click to expand an image and  on Android — get even more up close and personal with pinch-to-zoom.

If you don’t want to go-it alone, contact me to talk about how we can help.

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