Ellen Husk

Ellen Husk - Data Analyst

If Ellen's interested in something, she'll go for it... and she's interested in a lot. She has done a Masters in Library Science, doula and postpartum training, postgrad studies in marketing, and worked in all kinds of spaces from pubs and bakeries to the corporate world. That diverse experience is what makes her great at what she does here, where she is able to fit together her skills in research, writing and strategy to help our clients excel (and when she's feeling nostalgic for the bakery days, she brings plenty of goodies to share with the team).

Ellen likes to finish what she starts, and she likes when people see that something tangible has been done for their business. She loves getting to know our clients, digging into metrics and measurement to show those clients what's working, and creating a strategy plan it's easy to see the big picture and how it all connects. A busy mom of three, Ellen likes to balance work and life with a good movie night with the kids, trips to the Children's Museum or farmer's market, and volunteering with the Boyle Activity Council in Old East Village.