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Compelling Storytelling in the Marketplace

  • rTraction 240 Waterloo Street London, ON, N6B 2N4 Canada (map)
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“Once upon a time” is a phrase that is as old as time itself.  And there is a reason it has endured the ages.  Because storytelling – compelling storytelling – defines and connects us.   It is through storytelling that we learn about ourselves, clarify our core values, and mold our dreams into reality.  In our homes late at night, in coffee shops, bars and restaurants, the stories we share link us to other human beings.  

But the capacity of storytelling to connect us with like-minded people is not restricted to our personal lives.  Successful business owners understand that compelling storytelling has the power to define our brands, cue our ideal customers,  and influence the community around us.  Discerning entrepreneurs  also know we do not build businesses; we build relationships and those relationships build our businesses.

If you are intrigued by how compelling storytelling can build your business, consider investing your time in this interactive, three-hour workshop.  You will gain a clearer and more unique-to-you understanding of the following questions:

  1. Why are you in business?

  2. What specific changes do you want to garner in the world around you?

  3. How do you speak to your ideal customer?

  4. Why is compelling storytelling an integral part of playing your long game?

  5. How can you stop chasing clients and – instead – have them beat a path to your door?

Most importantly, you will complete this workshop with a concrete, hold-in-your-hand draft of your compelling business story.

Seating is limited.  Sign up now!



About Kathy D. Milliken, M.A.

From twenty years of working in the field of “what makes us tick” to her passion for the written and spoken word, Kathy brings a unique perspective to Compelling Storytelling.  She blends the day-to-day practicality of owning and operating a business with the softer, but vital inclusive of the dreaded “F-word” (ffffffeelings) to achieve a well-rounded approach to marketing a business.

A prolific reader, Kathy is also working on her first book of short stories entitled, Conversations With An Imperfect Stranger.  She is a columnist and regular feature writer for The Motorcycle Times in Hamilton.  If the weather improves, Kathy is eager to check out her new ride, a 1250 Suzuki Bandit; a sporty step up from her previous 1100 Yamaha VStar Classic.

In her spare time, Kathy uses her Lambton Toastmasters’ skills to make presentations in the community about a variety of topics.  She also facilitates a group of young writers called Minds on Fire.

Kathy lives in Sarnia with her husband, Larry, and their 18-year-old cat, Meredith.  Although she has no children – by choice – Kathy is eternally grateful for all the brave souls bringing little future taxpayers into the world.