10 Ways to Avoid an Office Party Disaster: Holiday Edition

* These tips may or may not represent lessons learned by rtraction employees, former or otherwise.

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Don't resign.

Things could get a little awkward after vacation when you're back at work and thinking clearly.


Limit alcohol intake.

You don't want to tap out at 10:30pm and end up with an unforgiving nickname.

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Dress appropriately.

Don't do something silly like wear an ugly sweater or themed pajamas.


Eat dinner.

Especially if you plan on drinking. Also, hellooooo food! #nomnomnom

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Don't make a speech.

Singing 'Auld Lang Syne' for the duration of a gift exchange is also not a good idea.

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Don't bring a former employee as your guest.

They don't work with you anymore for a reason. Let's leave the awkward at home.


Don't tell your boss and/or co-worker you love them.

Unless you're married to them.

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Don't flirt with co-workers or their significant others.

This includes trying to convince your boss's wife to go skinny dipping.


Ensure you leave the party wearing your own clothes.

Good rule year 'round.

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