Helping Parents Succeed at Home and Work: From Ergonomic Chairs to School Stackables (B the Change Media)

On top of the typical workplace stressors (deadlines, more work than time, the excitement of growth, quarterly reports, etc.), working parents contend with things like phone calls from the school or an errand run at lunch to get supplies for a birthday party or bake sale. I know how this pressure feels directly (as a single parent) and indirectly as HR Lead here at rTraction Canada, Inc.: a company with our people’s best in mind.

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Ontario considers mandatory work experience programs for all students (The National Post)

David Billson, president and CEO of Ellipsis Digital in London, Ont., said the region’s technology and digital media sector “is starved for well-trained talent,” and companies are having trouble recruiting new employees.

“One of the hardest things for me as a business owner is to know that our unemployment rate is hovering around seven per cent in the region, when our local technology firms have between 400 to 1,000 open jobs,” said Billson. “Helping us to be able to fill our talent gap will aid in ensuring a bright future for our sector.”

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Business Buzz - Web development bootcamp (The London Free Press)

Tech Alliance is partnering with Vancouver-based Lighthouse Labs ( to meet the growing demand for coders by offering a web development bootcamp this summer.

With the rapid expansion of London’s tech sector, some companies are struggling to fill positions.

“The shortage of talent is considered the primary reason for a lack of economic growth within regional technology companies. Programs that increase the technical capacity of our workforce are a welcome addition to our community,” said David Billson, chief executive of Ellipsis Digital.

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LPRC firms up partnership with King’s (The Londoner)

Anti-poverty advocates working to dissect London’s poverty-related social issues are encouraged about a new partnership announced Dec. 12 between the London Poverty Research Centre and King’s University College...

Sylvester said King’s will provide the IT support necessary to establish the robust, publicly accessible online database of poverty research the centre touted as part of it’s original mandate when it was unveiled in April. Since then, the centre has launched a website at and is working with local website design company rtraction on an updated version expected by spring 2015.

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