rTraction Canada, Inc. is a proud, Certified B Corporation.



Our Purpose

Work with great people and do cool shit.

Our Vision

Technology enhances the experience of community.

Our Mission

We help people discover their story to deliver their purpose.



When we started out in 2001, we were building websites and web applications to help clients put out their messaging. As the online world has evolved, so have our services and clients, as well as those clients’ needs. Since March 2015, we have operated as two divisions: Ellipsis Digital and Engine SevenFour. These teams work side by side to deliver on a shared purpose in an office space that has won numerous awards for its design and adaptive reuse. What’s different between the teams is how they work day-to-day and the types of clients they serve.  

Ellipsis Digital is a digital agency that works with arts and cultural institutions, mental health leaders and community energizers to create the link between the audience and the story. Services include: impact stories that help organizations communicate their value, award-winning creative on the web and in print, mobile applications that break down barriers between people and the services they need, digital marketing campaigns that amplify a client’s message, and goal-oriented websites that bolster the bottom line.

Engine SevenFour is a custom web application shop that helps deliver entertainment to the world by bringing efficiency to otherwise cumbersome processes. While Engine SevenFour has deep expertise working with content distributors in the entertainment industry, they are always open to a challenge for a business that wants to make an existing clunky and costly processes simple and efficient through intelligent software development.  



Two divisions, one purpose. That's rtraction.

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