Mushed Together: Branding, Social Finance, and Gifts for Good

Update March 23/2018: YOU and rTraction have been in partnership for almost a year now. Over the last year we collaborated on rebranding Market Quality Preserves into Mushed. In the next few weeks, look forward to a release on a related project that will make it even easier for us ALL to get our hands on Mushed.

Some of the rTraction team, getting into the spirit of things. 

Some of the rTraction team, getting into the spirit of things. 

On November 29th 2017, we got to spend some time with the Youth Opportunities Unlimited team at their annual Open House. This year, the Open House had a little something extra to celebrate… and we were proud to be part of the story.

Since April, we’ve built a beautiful partnership with YOU, helping them to create a new brand and online store for a social enterprise that you may already know and love: Market Quality Preserves. With an eye to growing more revenue opportunities within retail spaces and online, YOU was ready for a rebrand, and we were excited to help.

Introducing… Mushed!

When we started this project, we wanted to fashion a brand that stands out as much as the work YOU does. That was a tall order, but a challenge the team at YOU was game to work with us on.  We started with a name that’s impossible to say without smiling… one that invites conversation. Then we struck out to create a logo and colour scheme that was as bright, exciting and hope-filled as the youth making these delicious jams, sauces and spreads. The wordmark is soft, but keeps an upscale feel to stand out on the shelf. Playing off the Mushed name and concept, we created patterns for each type of preserve that represents the mushed fruit and jam inside.

Mushed Launch.jpg


In It Together


This is a particularly exciting partnership for rTraction. As you may know, we’ve gone through a bit of a brand journey ourselves over the last couple of years. We were looking to distinguish between our social purpose and storytelling work (with Ellipsis Digital) and our top-notch development expertise (with Engine SevenFour). Upon reflection, it’s actually the combination of technology and impact storytelling that makes us tick, and we’re back to rTraction (we know some Londoners never stopped using the name), London’s only B Corporation.

It’s important to us that each of our projects helps to increase that client’s capacity to drive community impact in their unique way. Because of the alignment between rTraction and YOU’s vision and values, we were able to work out a model to fund the project, combining resources from both organizations and a deferred revenue plan based partially on the performance of the new branding and online store. Both rTraction and YOU will share in the success of this exciting new brand.

We have truly worked together as partners, blending (or, dare I say, mushing) together our passion for technology and storytelling with YOU's drive to improve our community by helping youth reach their potential. We are excited to see the Mushed brand come alive in time for the holidays, and to see how broader reach in stores and online helps to grow revenue that allows YOU to do even more for our community’s youth.

Rachel Berdan