2017 Annual Report


As I reflect on 2017, I look at it as a year of big change. I also see a year of balance, which may seem counterintuitive if you’ve been following along. Why balance? When I look back at many of 2017’s BIG THINGS™ I see a balance between forging ahead and sticking to what works.

What’s New

We made some big changes to our leadership team. We built a partnership with Youth Opportunities Unlimited that was both fresh in its social financing approach and in terms of what it produced (a new brand: Mushed). I started writing more, from how geeks can win pitches to our brand journey to my experience with a community accelerator to my realization that I was a visionary.

Tried and True

I’ll begin with when we re-re-branded (de-branded?) as the rTraction our community has known and loved for 17 years this year. We continued to engage in community here in London and more broadly in the B Corp world. We also continued to celebrate Star Wars and the arts. Ultimately, we spent the whole year bridging worlds.

The Year in Review

I am proud to be at the helm of this ship, alongside rTraction’s team of superheroes, who are committed to supporting this community and each other. This annual report is a reminder of how many ways our work touches the community, from the 46 clients in 2017 who are committed to social impact to the $89,211 we contributed to community through in-kind support and cash, to the $336,000 we spend with local vendors (over 20% of expenses). Our work in 2017 set the tone for an excellent 2018, once again dedicated to making a mark through social enterprise values and a design thinking approach.

David Billson - CEO

David Billson - CEO

David Billson