Digital Echidna, rTraction enter into strategic support partnership


We've been sharing our process of re-envisioning our company for 2018 and beyond. As a next step in that journey, we're proud to announce the following partnership with our friends at Digital Echidna!

LONDON, ON -- August 21st, 2018: Two of London’s leading digital firms have entered into a strategic partnership that will see Digital Echidna provide development support services for new and existing rTraction clients, as rTraction focuses its attention on a more consultative approach to helping its clients grow.

As of Aug. 1, 2018, Digital Echidna assumed the responsibility of providing support services to rTraction clients for the duration of their existing support agreements.

This partnership allows rTraction to focus on facilitating measurable and sustainable change for stronger communities through stories that lead to action. The company will continue to provide technical consulting, design and user experience services. Through partner Digital Echidna, a leader in creating engaging, open-source, digital solutions, rTraction’s clients will benefit from the broad-spectrum infrastructure, experience, and support network that Digital Echidna has developed.

"As Digital Echidna has continued to grow and expand over the years, we’ve been able to establish an infrastructure that allows us to partner with other agencies to provide foundational support," explained Andrew McClenaghan, owner of Digital Echidna. "We are happy to support the technology community and continue to work with companies like rTraction to continue to position London as a regional leader in innovation.”

“Every time we have surveyed our clients, they’ve always come back to say they value the same things: Creative thinking, problem solving and excellent facilitation,” added David Billson, CEO of rTraction. “We are catalysts for organizations looking to make a positive change - it was important us to focus all of our activities on this core purpose. We are thrilled to have a trusted partnership with Digital Echidna that allows our clients to continue to receive excellent service while we focus on our respective core competencies.”

The strategic partnership allows for a symbiotic relationship that enables both organizations to maximize their resources, while still providing the superlative customer service that clients have come to expect.

rTraction is Certified B-Corp digital agency that uses stories, knowledge sharing, and stakeholder engagement as a catalyst for sustainable change to build stronger communities.

Digital Echidna is a web design and digital agency that focuses on developing large-scale websites on open-source content management systems and is a leading advocate of accessible web design, and more recently, CRM services such as Salesforce.