Explode Conference 2016: Initial Thoughts


We came, we saw, we exploded.

Last week, we kicked off Explode Conference with a bunch of fellow sponsors and presenters at a rooftop shindig before taking in two days of presentations, one kick-ass party, and a bunch of inspiring new connections and conversations. We were excited for the opportunity to take part in the event—and it didn’t let us down.

A few days have passed since the conference came to a close and its impact continues to reverberate through the office. As of right now, here’s what stood out the most…

Thinking Bigger
The desire for greater social justice was evident throughout many talks; whether it was Una Lee’s encouragement to counter dominant narratives by engaging with culture (not just politics), Billy Gregory working himself out of a job making the web accessible, or Chantelle Diachina asking what “success” costs our well-being. Inspired and challenged, we’re curious as to how we can put the new perspectives we’ve been given into our own practice…

Talking Smaller
As with many conferences of this type, Explode offered the opportunity for many of its presenters to pull the curtain back and let us in on their creative process. But what made this practice stand out more than usual was the opportunity we had to follow-up with each speaker and dig deeper. Whether that was over beers at the “after” party or the stellar brown-bagged lunch (yes, it was that good), Explode’s speakers didn’t step off the stage and out-of-town: they stuck around and engaged.

As we’d hoped, there were also new connections made and great conversations about the intersection of design, development and user experience. Our venue (Fanshawe College’s Centre for Digital and Performance Arts) was exceptionally suited for the experience, and our hosts (Titus, Greg, Savannah & Karen) made us feel more than welcome.

Cheers to all involved, and here’s looking to 2017!

What inspired you the most?
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