Three Questions inspired by Leadercast 2016


On clarity, service, and perspective...

One of the main reasons we took the team to Leadercast 2016 was to learn from a variety of leadership perspectives. Working in tech doesn’t find us naturally rubbing shoulders with the football coaches, Navy SEALS, pastors and psychologists Leadercast often features—so when we head into the event, it’s always a bit of a mystery what we’ll get out of it.

So how did this year fare? Judging by the notes and discussions we’ve shared since returning, we learned more than a few things worth passing along. The bigger question will be what effect these ideas have on how we work a year from now at both Ellipsis Digital and Engine SevenFour...but for today, here’s what we’re asking ourselves:

  1. How can we make things clearer?
    Clarity was a big theme of the day. With Andy Stanley arguing that “clarity trumps integrity” and Rorke Denver challenging us to keep memos/policies/etc. to strictly one page, the challenge is clear: how can we make all of our communication as concise as it can be?
  2. How can we lead through service?
    Rorke Denver reminded us that “leadership” takes out the trash, makes coffee and ultimately cares for the team as much as it leads them. Aidan Hornaday encouraged kindness. Both these things make sense at a team level, but can the idea spread beyond ourselves and into the work we do?

    We’ve always been proponents (and practitioners) of Corporate Social Responsibility, but how can the connections we make between clients and their audiences exhibit leadership as an act of service? Does leadership become a deliverable? Or can it just be practiced in the way we work? Is it even an either/or?
  3. How can we look at things differently?
    Whether it was James Brown (not that one) having us look to the depth of our foundation before the height of our aspiration, or Chris Barez-Brown suggesting we take different routes to work (and a few other tricks) to get us out of “autopilot” mode, Leadercast 2016 has us asking if we’re looking at our challenges from the right perspective(s). What sort of creative work might we undertake over the next year to ensure we’re approaching things with fresh eyes and open minds?

Were you there?
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