Why We’re Headed to Leadercast 2016

It's our belief that every member of our team has valuable leadership qualities and perspectives—and we know it takes exposure to different leaders and leadership styles to coax those qualities out of us. That’s just one of the many reasons we’ve got a number of the team (whether they’re in “official” leadership roles or not) heading to this year’s Leadercast event, with a broadcaster, a psychologist, a comedian, a pastor and a Navy SEAL (among others) on the schedule, we’re looking at a very diverse set of leaders sharing the same stage.

Here are a few other reasons we’re heading to Leadercast tomorrow...

It’s a big conversation
With over 120,000 worldwide viewers, Leadercast’s reach spreads far and wide—quickly. Closer to home, the event attracts people from over 160 London businesses, networks, and organizations. Being part of such a large conversation—with equally large local interest—is key to supporting the leadership we dream of (and are working toward) in this city.

This year is all about tomorrow
Leadership has its own industry. Books are written, conferences held, courses offered...but this year’s Leadercast is taking a slightly different angle on things: vision. It’s throughout the copy on their website, it’s in their promotional materials, and it’s probably one of the biggest hopes we have for the conference this year: looking to a better future and glimpses of the path to get there. No matter our clients’ more specific needs, defining (or refining) vision is always an important starting point...so the more we can learn from others doing the same, the better.

Last year left an impression
Our (first) email thread surrounding takeaways from last year’s event went back and forth over twenty times and resulted in over 2000 words’ worth of great discussion. Lessons learned that day have since been discussed, quoted and implemented numerous times over. Especially popular over this past year has been Ed Catmull’s encouragement to shift focus from preventing problems to solving them and Andy Stanley’s admonition to say “wow!” before “how.” Through a year of transition, having these outside voices to lean on was key to building a stronger foundation for our future.


Heading to Leadercast as well?
Keep an eye out for us and tell us why you’re there.

Not able to make it?
Leave a note in the comments and let us know what you’d like us to take notes on for you!