Branding #LdnOnt - Kapil Lakhotia from LEDC

The London Economic Development Corporation is one of those organizations that we hear a lot about, but don't often have the opportunity to fully appreciate what they do for the city. I enjoyed Kapil's overview of what LEDC does in our city.

I think I learned more about the LEDC in this 45 minute interview than I knew after living here for almost 20 years.

The first section of Branding #LdnOnt explores the concept of "A tale of two cities" - there are different narratives that come to the surface about London. Are we conservative? Progressive? Forward thinking? Looking backward? Looking forwards? The first three guests, Lynn Davis, Steve Bolton and Kapil Lakhotia set the stage for a review of what makes our city great.

You can listen to the audio or, if you keep scrolling, the full live stream video. The audio for this interview was originally captured as part of a Live Stream.

Season 1 is brought to you by Libro Credit Union

Season 1 is brought to you by Libro Credit Union

Live Stream Video - Kapil Lakhotia

Sponsor disclaimer: LEDC is a sponsor of the RH Accelerator - a project I'm also involved with as a co-founder. The ability to sponsor had no influence on who was invited to speak on the show (guests were invited to participate before any sponsorship decisions were made)

David Billson