A 2015 RGD So(cial) Good Award Winner, this app was created for mindyourmind and Systems Improvement through Service Collaboratives (a CAMH initiative) in London, Ontario and surrounding area to offer support when a mental health crisis makes decisions more difficult. The app has since gained national attention and we're excited to share more as its impact grows ...

Connecting youth to the right mental health support(s)—and then helping them communicate their need—can be a daunting, often crisis-exacerbating experience; being able to hand a treatment provider all of your medical and contact information can make all the difference. The combination of how to do this practically with an accessible design that removed stigma and expedited your navigation/use of whatever solution we landed on formed the challenge we set out to overcome...

Working closely with mindyourmind and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health's London and area service collaborative, we designed and developed a mobile application (native to iOS and Android) that puts crisis support directly in the hands of youth. With a plan that includes key personal information, a decision tree connecting youth with the right support for their current mental and emotional state, and script to guide them through conversations when they make those connections, the app 's utility was fully realized.  We focused on a clean interface, with clear language, and colours that can be seen by individuals with colour blindness.

Aside from the amazing adoption by those the app was created for (gaining nearly 1000 users in the first month alone), the success of the London-specific version of Be Safe  sparked interest among other service collaboratives across the province, who partnered with mindyourmind to develop their own community-specific mental health and addiction resources listings.  

We're also delighted to report that the app garnered a So(cial) Good Award from The Association for Registered Graphic Designers for it's unique design and community impact.

When I’m not using the app for personal resource or to help a friend, I’m showing it off while gushing about the life changing experience of working with some of the most powerful minds in our community.

— Be Safe user and youth team member


iOS, Android


Branding, Logo, Identity design, Mobile app design, Mobile App Development