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Digital Marketing at Ellipsis Digital: Rachel’s Multi-Faceted Story (

"Besides being a tri-athlete, a yogi, a traveler, a writer, and a gamer, Rachel Berdan is also the Chief Marketing Officer of rTraction Canada, Inc.  Rachel got into sales and marketing relatively slowly and somewhat by accident and today she is also  VP of Sales for Ellipsis Digital, a division of rTraction Canada, Inc. located in London, Ontario. She loves working within an organization that encourages creativity, openness, entrepreneurial thinking, and attracts people who value those things. “I have fun, I am challenged, and I get to bring new ideas to life pretty regularly."



LONDON, ON, February 16, 2016—London’s tech sector continues its exciting evolution with a strategic partnership between Engine SevenFour and FreePoint™ Technologies.  Engine SevenFour (a division of rTraction Canada, Inc.) develops custom enterprise web applications, while FreePoint Technologies specifically creates productivity improvement software for manufacturing. Currently, more than two dozen plants across Ontario use FreePoint’s ShiftWorx, which connects manufacturing equipment with its operators, improving business efficiency. 

“This relationship augments and complements FreePoint’s technology development capabilities,” said Paul Hogendoorn, president of FreePoint Technologies. “We are at the cusp of a brand new IT field that is engaging the workforce on the factory floor. This is where IT and social technologies converge with the re-emergence of our manufacturing sector. This strategic relationship with Engine SevenFour strengthens our early leadership position. We are extremely excited about what we believe this could do for London.”

David Billson, president and CEO of Engine SevenFour, agrees about the value of collaboration. “I believe the tremendous skill and talent of the Engine SevenFour team will improve the speed at which FreePoint Technologies can enter new markets and expand its business. I also believe that Paul’s vision of connecting value to work will be the next great revolution in the workplace.” This partnership is the second one this month for Engine SevenFour and its sibling division, Ellipsis Digital, who recently joined with Code Studio.

“A great vision needs to be something bigger than what could be achieved alone,” Hogendoorn added. 

About Engine SevenFour

Engine SevenFour (a division of rTraction Canada, Inc.) is a London, Ontario-based development group that specializes in custom enterprise web applications for businesses, customers and communities, built with the Laravel PHP framework. Visit Engine SevenFour at, follow us on Twitter @EngineSevenFour, and connect with us on LinkedIn.

About FreePoint™ Technologies Inc.

FreePoint, based in London, Ontario, brings cost-effective technologies to legacy and new manufacturing equipment, connecting the people on the plant floor with the value of the work they do. Their software increases and improves productivity and job satisfaction by measuring activity empirically and providing actionable information to the people who operate the machines.

For further information, contact:

Rachel Berdan, CMO

Office: (519) 438-9064 x 5163