St. Marys Golf & Country Club wanted to elevate their core business performance by driving off-season revenue, and realize a longer-term brand vision that moved them from "golf club" to "destination."

Working with the team, we refreshed their logo, moved their golf website to an e-commerce platform to drive sales and created a secondary site dedicated exclusively to their growing destination-wedding line of business. Across both sites we worked to clearly communicate their expanding brand promise and supported the re-brand with Facebook ads and a custom-tailored content strategy to ensure momentum continued to convert interest to sales.

After the re-brand and execution of the content strategy, their golf-oriented sales (including off-season sales) exceeded expectations ($90,000 in the first 18 months) and resulted in so many wedding bookings that we were brought in to consult on strategy and ultimately re-tool their wedding site to promote the second wedding room they're now building on the property to meet demand. With the wedding site relaunch and social media strategy, the wedding site saw a 369% traffic boost from social media channels (and increased organic and direct traffic) as well as 35 qualified leads in just two weeks! 


Squarespace, Shopify


Website Design, Website Development, Social Media Ads, SEO/SEM, Branding, Content Strategy


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