25%: A Documentary

Across Canada, women make up only 25% of representatives across municipal, provincial, and national governments. The City of London wanted to tell this story and encourage women to run for office. That initiative became 25%: A Documentary

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The City of London and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities needed partners to tell the story of the representation gap in politics, including a film partner and a communications partner to support the launch of the film. They worked with web.isod.es to produce a video targeted at young women from 16-24. 

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Alongside long-time video partner web.isod.es, the rTraction team created and supported a social media plan for the launch. The London film launch was a huge success. Our social campaign reached over 500,000 Twitter accounts with exposure well over 2 million impressions during the launch in London, Ontario, and the success continued through the film's national tour. Segmented into 5 discreet modules, the film is now used as a teaching tool for Canadian civics courses.

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My experience working with rTraction has been nothing but positive. I am consistently impressed with the creativity of their team and quality of their work. I would wholeheartedly endorse rTraction to anyone who is looking for a community-oriented, client-focused firm that never fails to produce beautiful results.
— Kate Graham


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