Richardson Oliver

Based in Silicon Valley, Richardson Oliver works with high-tech companies to navigate the intersection of business, technology, and the law. They bring a unique blend of business sense and patent experience to their work, and can help businesses navigate a variety of matters that other law firms or patent brokers cannot. We first met when they needed a brand for their law practice, and worked together again on a new consulting line of business.

Richardson Oliver Rebrand Website.png

For the Richardson Oliver Law (ROL) Group, it was important to stand out from the competition. In the area where they operate, there are plenty of patent lawyers... what ROL does differently is bring business sense to IP matters. They needed a brand and digital presence to send that message. Richardson Oliver Insights is a specific line of business within the group, offering tailored, actionable data for patent transactions. They needed a look and presence that felt aligned with ROL Group while also distinguishing this line of business.

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We have built multiple websites and created two brands (including logo, tagline, and brand guide) for the Richardson Oliver group of businesses. Checking in 5 years after the initial project, the logo still stands out from the competition everywhere they show up. From the most recent project, Richardson Oliver knew what they wanted people to get from the logo and tagline, and unprompted comments on the brand were aligned with that goal.

ROL Group Logo.png
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Their creative team consistently helps us communicate the brand experience we are trying to create, and the logo from our first project together still stands out from the competition years later. In our time working with rTraction, they have grown as a business and built a process that kept us up-to-date on the timeline and next steps.
— Kent Richardson, Partner


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