Our Process


Listen. Learn. Deliver.

Working with the team at rTraction is a chance for your organization to dig in and start with a fresh set of eyes. We’re keen observers and after 17 years as a business we’ve seen enough to understand how important it is to move deliberately.

Our process may be simple, but it isn’t easy—but it’s worth it every time. Or you’re getting money back.*

  • Listen:
    Take the time to get everyone on the same page and heading toward the same goal. Put this at the beginning to ensure success at the end of a project

  • Learn:
    How do you get to the next step of any initiative? When you get the ‘right’ people in the room, the answer is much easier to find.

  • Deliver:
    When you have the right goals and answers, you can deliver something of much greater value.



*With regular check-ins along the way, there’s ample opportunity for us to ensure you’re getting the value you’ve paid for.