rTraction Canada, Inc. is a Certified B Corporation and award-winning digital services agency located in the London Roundhouse. 

Incorporated in July 2001, we started as a team of coders that built websites and applications to help clients get their messaging out. From early on, we worked alongside social purpose organizations (nonprofits, social enterprises, and for profits that do good), helping those that provide impact to do what they do best while we focused on solving the technical problems, from hosting to websites to systems behind the scenes. 

Like any digital agency, we know our way around technology and we believe in returning good value to our clients. There are a few things that make us a little different from your average digital production house: 

  1. We aren't afraid of tension in a project. In fact, if it’s not there we become concerned we’re not achieving the change required.

  2. We have fun with and take pride in creating elegantly designed solutions to complex problems.

  3. We focus on improving community outcomes improving community is more important than maximizing profit.