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We are rTraction. We use technology to improve community outcomes.


We Revel In Our Craft...

We start with "why?" We get to know why you exist, and we hear about your goals. We dig deeper to understand how those goals help you do what you do better and we create a road map for your project (whether it's a website, social media campaign, fresh content, or branding). Our award-winning team of creatives and coders bring the work life. We measure results for your organization and we measure the impact of our work together.

A selection of our valued relationships


"We chose to work with rTraction because it was clear from our first meeting that we had the same values, the team understood our brand, and that they would design with our desired outcomes and best interests in mind. The project ran on-time (or early), and the results have been overwhelmingly positive."

- Nick Foglia, Director, Communications, Marketing & Sales at McMichael Canadian Art Collection


Proud To B...

rTraction Canada, Inc. is a Certified B Corporation. We help social purpose organizations use technology to increase their own capacity to change communities for good.