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We are rTraction. We facilitate measurable change through design thinking and storytelling (online and off).


We Revel In Our Craft...

We don't just start with "why." We start with the why that's three or four or five layers deep (maybe even deeper). We don't just start with a desired outcome or the problem you think you have, we uncover what's in the way of achieving your purpose (whether the barrier is communication, outreach, or tech) , and we work on that. We test. We measure. We test again. We make the incremental changes that move the needle in a meaningful way.  

A selection of our valued relationships


"We chose to work with rTraction because it was clear from our first meeting that we had the same values, the team understood our brand, and that they would design with our desired outcomes and best interests in mind. The project ran on-time (or early), and the results have been overwhelmingly positive."

- Nick Foglia, Director, Communications, Marketing & Sales at McMichael Canadian Art Collection


Proud To B...

rTraction Canada, Inc. is a Certified B Corporation. We help social purpose organizations use design thinking and moving stories to change communities for good.