Wrapping Up the Season

I suspect that 2016 will be remembered as a year of significant change… for lots of reasons. We are no different. As I reflect on 2016, the first term that comes to mind is ‘change’. Change always presents businesses unique opportunities to adapt to better serve their customers. In our case, we changed in three significant ways:

  1. We became a B-Corp.

  2. We focused on our impact areas.

  3. We saw a change in our ownership.

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HIRE Education

On Thursday, June 23rd, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and the Honourable Deb Matthews, Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Development, came to the London Roundhouse to announce the findings and priorities of the Premier's Highly Skilled Workforce Expert Panel.

London Tech Companies for LRT!

Recently, an article appeared in the London Free Press stating that businesses in London don’t want light rail. A few of us in the tech community wanted to state that clearly not all businesses are against light rail. As businesses in the technology sector (with over 1,000 open jobs currently), we know how important it is to be able to attract and retain talent.

rtraction Becomes Ellipsis Digital and Engine SevenFour
The only thing that is constant is change.” - Heraclitus

The rtraction brand was not supposed to live long. We inherited it from vtraction, one of our founding partners. It was a temporary company name put in place to give life to our startup. We started in 2001, after the dot-com bust, as tech companies were crumbling. At the time, survival was higher on our priority list. We figured we could always rebrand, right?

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To B or Not to B…

To B, as it turns out. We are excited to announce the addition of rTraction Canada Inc. to a growing and impressive list of Certified B Corporations (B Corps).

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