A Few Ways You Could Be Using LinkedIn More Effectively

Mixed in amongst all the other forms of social media, LinkedIn may not be where you spend most of your online time. When I first set up my profile I had no idea what I should include or why I really needed to have one, but I did think that it might help me look like an adult as I started a professional career. A few years later, I finally reached “All-Star” profile strength, and have found how valuable this platform can be. Whether you’re leveraging it to grow your career or your business, LinkedIn has many capabilities that make it an effective marketing tool.

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London Tech Companies for LRT!

Recently, an article appeared in the London Free Press stating that businesses in London don’t want light rail. A few of us in the tech community wanted to state that clearly not all businesses are against light rail. As businesses in the technology sector (with over 1,000 open jobs currently), we know how important it is to be able to attract and retain talent.

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David BillsonComment
Flight Risk

When you’re hiring people, there’s this notion of “flight risk,” the idea that people will be with you for a while and then they’ll move on to another job. Some people look at that and say “pass,” but we look at it a little differently.

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rTraction Becomes Ellipsis Digital and Engine SevenFour
The only thing that is constant is change.” - Heraclitus

The rTraction brand was not supposed to live long. We inherited it from vtraction, one of our founding partners. It was a temporary company name put in place to give life to our startup. We started in 2001, after the dot-com bust, as tech companies were crumbling. At the time, survival was higher on our priority list. We figured we could always rebrand, right?

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Code Studio Joins rTraction

LONDON, ON, February 09, 2016—In another exciting move in London’s growing and evolving tech landscape, Ellipsis Digital and Engine SevenFour are joining with Code Studio. The addition of Code Studio’s business automation software developers to the London Roundhouse’s siblings—Ellipsis’ digital marketing agency, and Engine SevenFour, which specializes in custom enterprise web applications—is a winning alliance for all three entities.

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Five Takeaways from RGD DesignThinkers 2015

If it got cosmic at last year’s DesignThinker’s conference, this year’s was all about staying grounded. Yes, there was lots to be inspired by, but what The Association of  Registered Graphic Designers (RGD) delivered this year was a lineup of speakers who were as willing to pull back the curtain and talk about how they worked as much as the work itself. Here’s the takeaways that got the biggest underlines in my notebook.

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Moving from Drupal to Laravel

Recently, Engine SevenFour’s director of operations Derek Martin talked about how we found the framework that worked for us. This week, one of our favourite co-op students (we liked him so much, we invited him back for a second term), Ian Paterson, talks about working with Laravel…

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Why Laravel?

In early 2013, I was hired specifically by rTraction to help on a big new project for a Fortune 100 client. It was a from-scratch B2B web application for our client’s critical internal use, and we needed a framework. I was coming from a Zend Framework Version 1.x background, and I wasn't a fan of how it let you do anything 10 different ways: it meant that figuring out "the right way" was nearly impossible, because there wasn't one. The learning curve was steep, and I wanted something that would be easier to get people up to speed on. The rest of the team had some experience with CodeIgniter, but mostly Drupal and WordPress, so I started hunting around.

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Derek MartinComment
The Best of Times, The Worst of Times

... was a frustrating year for me because our story was stuck in an uncomfortable place. Actually, we were literally stuck in an uncomfortable space as our new office was yet to be completed and our temporary space was terrible. Soul-killing, team-killing, productivity-killing, terrible. We were producing excellent work and things were going well on the business side of things but our culture and our team development felt like it was on pause.

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