We know that problems come in different size packages - some big, some large. Our workshops are offered as a way to help address specific concerns that exist within your organization rather than engaging us for a full project (although that is always an option!). 

These workshops will be delivered to meet a variety of needs ranging from strategic problem solving to social media strategy to some more tactical lessons on how to construct websites and follow best practices. We are opening up the ability to work with our team of super heroes in interactive sessions. 

Each of these workshops can be accessed through our generally available sessions where any one can attend on specific dates.  We also have a package to deliver these workshops and customize them to your organization if you'd like to have your whole team participate - we'll come on site or host your team for the customized versions.

We are launching these workshops as a new edition in 2018. We are offering these initial workshops as a 'pay what you think it's worth' option. We are implementing this fee structure for two reasons: 1) It will allow people from various sized organizations to experience the value of the workshops and 2) As new service offerings we know there may be a few bumps and bruises as we iron out the content. (Note: We are charging a $100 refundable deposit that will be returned to you if you show up!)

Lastly, we will offer two different ticket types - physical and digital - physical tickets will join us at 240 Waterloo St. whereas digital tickets can join in from anywhere and we will deliver the content congruently to both the physical and digital attendees. 

We will ask participants to provide feedback as they decide the value of the workshop so that we can continue to optimize the impact that we have with future attendees. 

social meida workshop.jpg

Social Media: Building engagement, analysis and measurement

Join David and Anissa in an interactive workshop that highlights the key aspects of the social media journey:

  1. How to connect with your audience
  2. What you should say
  3. Who you should target 
  4. Where to connect with your audience
  5. How to measure your results 

This full day workshop is delivered in two parts. Part 1 will result in a better understanding of how to use the power of personas, core messaging and editorial calendar to manage your content. Part 2 will help you to understand how to use the various platforms that exist to share your message and measure your results. 

Our next session is March 21st - Find your tickets here or register below: Registration at Eventbrite
A customized version for your organization is available for $2,400 -  please contact us to arrange for this service. 

b corp workshop.jpg

B Corp Workshop

Join our COO Rachel Berdan for a journey to learn more about becoming a B Corp and sustainable business practices. Learn about:

  1. Starting with why: the importance of storytelling
  2. What is a B Corp?
  3. Mythbusting: Can purpose businesses make money? Does having CSR make you a B Corp? 
  4. Review the impact assessment and learn how to "measure what matters"

Our next session is April 4 - Registration at Eventbrite.
A customized version for your organization is available for $2,400 -  please contact us to arrange for this service. 

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What's next

We have a bunch of other workshops planned, including:

  • Powered by Purpose
  • Branding & Storytelling
  • Goal setting for marketing
  • Introduction to HTML & CSS
  • Drupal in a Day
  • ... what else?

We'd love to hear any suggestions that you have for future workshop ideas that our team can deliver - feel free to contact us to make suggestions!