Anti Racism

Update - July 2, 2020

In the wake the most recent Black Lives Matter protests many organizations announced solidarity with Black Lives Matter. And they promised to change.

My fear is that once the expression of solidarity fails to generate likes, clicks and shares we will see a slip back into complacency. I fear words will not translate into action. Change requires sustained effort. I believe that humans are great at quick, short term changes - but longer term changes that take that work? My experience is we tend to lose momentum quickly. 

We have systemic racism in our country. Full stop. We have systemic racism in our province, our city, in our organizations, and ourselves. Full stop. 

In June I wanted to put out a statement. I did not. I was not sure that those suffering needed to hear from another white CEO/Founder about the need for change. 

At the same time I did not want our silence to be seen as comfort with the status quo. We have shown up to directly and indirectly to fight discrimination… and yet, 100% of our current staff are caucasian. We’ve opened our doors to community events and causes that help lift the voices of others… and yet, we spend too much time talking and not enough listening. 

We can be proud of what we have done in the past AND disappointed in our shortcomings; this discomfort in our shortcomings is what drives us forward to do better. 

I’ve decided to make this page part of our permanent ‘About’ section rather than a blog post; this update dated July 2nd is temporary and will be removed in time. Our commitment, pledge and resources will remain.

- David Billson, CEO

Anti-Racism Pledge

We believe a civil and just society must include equality for all people, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or socio-economic backgrounds.

We also believe that systemic racism exists within our society and in our organization. We do not like this fact. None of us want to be racist. Therein lies our challenge with systemic racism. We know that ignoring our racist tendencies does not allow us to fix it. We have taken some measures to correct this systemic problem and will continue to do more as we learn (and unlearn) more.

We will continue to update this page.

We’re digital artisans using a blend of design, technology and storytelling to help build stronger communities and community connections. That is our gift and how we will show up. 


We have a whistle-blower policy and a public pledge to fight racism. If you see us or our team acting in a way that you believe is contrary to this pledge, please use the policy so that we can course correct. 

Read our Whistleblower Policy

Supports for Pro-Unity / Anti-Racism Projects

We have and will continue to support projects that promote unity and understanding of diverse perspectives within our human family, as well as the prosperity of traditionally marginalized communities. We provide in-kind, pro-bono or discounted services for this type of project. Reach out to us if there’s a project that our gifts could help. We pledge to help where we can. 



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