Discovery: You know your organization best, and you'll always be the foremost experts on the community you serve and the strategy you apply to do so. We work best when we can act as an extension of your team, so we will kick your project off with introductions, a bit of research (completed by us) and a discovery questionnaire (completed by you). 

This is also the best time to make sure we're all on the same page about who will be involved, important dates (vacations and deadlines) and how we'll measure success.

Naming: From our research and the discovery, we will narrow down to a handful of top names, and from there we will guide you through the final naming process

Concepts:  With a fresh (and deeper) understanding of scope and deliverables, we'll create 2-3 concepts. We'll then present those concepts to you, gather your feedback and ask you to select one concept each, which we'll take away and flesh out further.  

Mock-Ups & Delivery: Now that we've been through Discovery and spent time reviewing a few concepts, it's time to bring the logo to life. Once they're ready for their first, fully fleshed-out look, we'll invite you to provide any final feedback for us to take into account before we polish and package each logo for delivery.

Collateral: Guided by the information we've gathered during Discovery and the direction chosen during Core Branding, we'll now tackle the remaining collateral, which includes up to 5 assets such as: a Pitch Deck, Brochure, Roll-Up Banner and Business Card templates, Social Media imagery and website graphics. 

Designing concurrently (to maximize consistency/harmony), we'll work toward presenting these pieces as one package for review. Once, we've addressed any feedback you may have, we'll refine the work and deliver all collateral so you can start using it right away if need be.

Branding Guidelines & Plan for Brand: Having established your new look, our next phase focuses on documenting all the "do's and don'ts" of using these new visuals properly in our Branding Guidelines book. Together with some suggested key messages and talking points, this document will combine to create your Branding Identity System: setting you up for consistency, clarity and contextual direction for implementing the harmonized brand.

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