Canadian Sleep Research Consortium Case Study

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The Canadian Sleep Research Consortium produces evidence-based knowledge on sleep health and sleep problems with the goal of disseminating their findings to inform and improve existing treatments for sleep disorders. The Consortium’s work is led by three research groups focused on:

  • Insomnia and mental health
  • Sleep throughout the lifespan
  • Vulnerable populations

After receiving funding to increase their production and research, the organization set out to accomplish their goal of being recognized as a national hub of sleep research starting with a new website and brand identity.



The Canadian Sleep Research Consortium approached us needing to create a new bilingual website, in addition to a new visual identity. By the end of the project, the organization wanted to have a website that could offer training/mentorship to young graduates to pursue sleep research, engage with stakeholders to promote research findings and improve treatments for a range of sleep disorders, and galvanize the public and promote the fact that sleep is a critical determinant of health and ensure that Canadians especially from underrepresented groups.

How We Helped

To meet the organization’s goals, we set out a project roadmap that would accomplish the following:

  • Design a new visual identity including logo and fonts
  • Build a bilingual site, with responsive mobile device and desktop
  • Create functional icons to populate content under the three research streams (Our content strategy will be focused on highlighting the work of the three different research groups)


We designed a new logo and brand identity, and built a multilingual Squarespace website using the third-party translation service, Weglot.


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