Workshop: Culture and Values

We believe that the most important thing that an organization can do to attract and retain talent is to have a workplace culture that people feel accepted, valued and purposeful. In absence of any connection to the culture of your organization the only motivation for working for your team is financial. 

Ultimately there is always someone willing to pay more than you for talent; you can not control that variable in whether or not someone will stay. What you can control is creating a unique culture that people want to participate in, stay and help grow. 

As a side benefit, the cost to you in dollars is only the cost of this workshop. However, Operationalizing the culture of the organization takes work, and our team is here to guide you in ways to operationalize your culture in meaningful ways.

The first step in the workshop is to review the Core Values of the organization and/or create new ones. Our interactive activities have the organization reflect on what the culture is today, what they want to continue to build, and what they want to build for tomorrow.

We will then guide the organization through steps and suggestions on how to operationalize these values in the day to day workings of the organization to create reinforcing loops to strengthen culture. 

Options for delivery:

  • 1 half day workshop (in person)
  • 2 two hour workshops (virtual)

Case Studies / Workshop

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