A New Website 17 Years in the Making

We’ve had the privilege to work with TVCC (formerly Thames Valley Children’s Centre) since 2004. Truly one of the most caring and impactful organizations in our community, and one that we are proud to say we’ve been able to support for nearly two decades.

The Current Project:

The previous TVCC website had remained functional since it’s redesign in 2014. There was a lot of helpful content that demonstrated the broad variety of services they offer. The first call-to-action on the site was to review the services available, and the second call was to connect with OAP Foundational Family Services. And since March 2020, there was a new primary call-to-action: reviewing the current COVID-19 protocols. At that time the referral page on TVCC involved 3 referral forms that required their clients to choose the correct form, download it, and after completing the form, and then either uploading it, or print and fax it in.

For their new site, TVCC wanted to adjust their approach to better equip parents to self-refer into their services. More and more, clients are making more independent provider choices with less direction from their healthcare providers. Their site would need to be easy to navigate, offer opportunities to find related services, and make it clear how to qualify and register for services, programs, workshops and participation opportunities. Their clients are often already inundated with communications filled with medical jargon. Together, we wanted to empower clients to self-refer securely, easily and clearly, including confirmations and timelines along the way.

TVCC’s Client Advisory Committee also had some specific requests. Make space for video content around the site (stay tuned for more video content added over time!), and some accessibility improvements around the site, including requiring alt text on images, and keeping program & services pages printer-friendly.

rTraction was fortunate enough to work with TVCC on this redesign of the site, updating calls-to-action, client stories and case studies to consider self-referring potential and returning clients and to help them find the appropriate services & supports at TVCC, as well as create a method of client intake that does not require making a telephone call.

rTraction will do regularly scheduled reviews of the site to ensure that it stays fresh and accessible over time. We’ll also do regular social media consultations to help with social engagement.

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