Key Messaging, Culture & Branding Series

Challenge: Employers face an increasingly complex landscape in the world of HR in both trying to retain talent that they have and recruiting new talent as they grow.

The following workshops are designed to help organizations to develop clearer marketing and communications for both internal and external audiences. One of the missing pieces in a lot of marketing plans is the importance of internal marketing. In an era of social media and social sharing, employees can help spread the word about great things that the organization is doing. 

Many leadership teams assume that people working in the company actually know what the company does, what it cares about, and what it’s passionate about achieving. In our experience, employees in the organization are very keenly aware of their role, their department and their projects, but may be unaware of the breadth and scope of the entire organization.

We have also found that it is common for organizations to talk about themselves differently internally vs. what they say externally - this creates a conflict within employees about what can be said outside the organization vs. what needs to stay internal.

We believe that consistent, clear and concise key messaging is suitable for both internal and external audiences. It is the essential operating truth of the organization and can be shared broadly. 

Our key messaging & culture process is broken down into three different components. 


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