Workshop: Purpose, Mission and Vision

As Simon Sinek has frequently said “Many people can say what their organization can do, but very few people know why they do it.” 

This workshop educates on the interrelationship between Purpose (why the organization exists), Vision (how the world and/or the organization has changed as the Purpose is achieved), and Mission (what the organization is doing today to advance its Vision to bring about its Purpose).

We guide your team through activities designed to uncover the Purpose of your organization and work to refine the Mission and Vision aligned to that Purpose. 

Uncovering the Purpose sounds easy but in our experience, it is the hardest work done in this workshop. Connecting to purpose takes us through the logic of ‘what we do’ and explores the more emotional language around ‘why we do it’.

As a last step, we refine the language used to be as simple, clear and concise as possible. The clearer and easier to remember the core pieces are, the more likely they are to be operationalized by staff.

Options for delivery:

  • 1 half day workshop (in person)
  • 2 two hour workshops (virtual)

Case Studies / Workshop

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