Ongoing Website Support

Ongoing support isn't just for the maintenance of your site, our team are an extension of your team for any changes you need for the website. The change threshold indicates that we will do any work that takes us less time than the hours listed in the support tier.

Examples of activities that could be conducted in a support agreement: 

  • Making content changes on the website when you aren't sure of the best approach, or simply just don't have time.
  • Creating a new graphics banner 
  • Adding new users to the site

If a change will take longer than that threshold then we will let you know. If available, we can reallocate the budget from your website. If your website budget has been exhausted for the current time period, we can send a separate proposal for the work quoted.

Tier 1
$350 / mo*
Tier 2
$650 / mo*
Tier 3
$800 / mo*
Tier 4
$1000 / mo*
Tier 5
$1200 / mo*
Change Threshold (hours) Not Included 1 Hour 1 Hour 1/2 Day 1/2 Day
Pantheon Basic Hosting Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Helpdesk Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Critical Drupal Security Updates Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Uptime Monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Analytics Report No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sucuri Basic Security Monitoring and Scans No No Yes Yes Yes
Readable Pro Readability, Spelling, and Grammar Scans No No No Yes Yes
Scheduled Audits and Recommendations          
AODA Accessibility Compliance Review Not Included Annually Biannually Quarterly Monthly
Design Review Not Included Annually Biannually Quarterly Monthly
Marketing priority review meeting Not Included Annually Biannually Quarterly Monthly
Website Training Sessions (per 24 month period) Not Included 1 2 4 6

Case Studies / Ongoing Support

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