Social Media Setup

We know that an active social enterprise will need help in a variety of ways that may change day to day.

Our Initial Setup 

Research and Planning

A great social media campaign starts with an intentional strategy. We will work with you to determine your goals, weekly themes, quarterly social media key dates, and what an ideal post looks like for your brand's voice. Depending on the amount of work you've already done on this, we have two options for you to choose from - our Silver, and Gold setup.

Setup of Editable Social Media Templates

For many busy organizations, it can be challenging to create unique content that fits your brand guidelines in a cost-effective way. We will set up up to 10 templates that your team can use to show your unique brand online.

Training Session for Your Team

Best practices for social media can be hard to keep up with especially with all of your other priorities. Not to fear, that's where our team comes in. We will conduct a training session with your team to cover the various platforms, and how best to utilize each of them so that your team can feel confident in sharing the unique story of your organization.



Starting at


Starting at

Define Goals Yes Yes
Define Tactics Yes Yes
Setup of Templates Yes Yes
Training Session for Your Team Yes Yes
Define Personas No Yes
Define Guidelines (Tone, Language, Reporting Structure) No Yes
Keyword and Hashtag Research No Yes
Content Calendar No Yes
Channel Optimization No Yes

Case Studies / Social Media Setup

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