Social Planning Council Oxford: Vibe

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A blurred window with the Vibe logo in a frosted colour in the middle of the window.

Located at the Tilsonburg public library, Vibe was a Youth Social Space Program designed for the youth by the youth. This was a pilot program that allowed youth between the ages of 15-18 to drop in and have a social space available to them. Activities, programming, food, and snacks were provided and all youth participants were encouraged to be their true authentic selves. This program ran from January 11 to March 28 of 2023. 


The Social Planning Council reached out to us for assistance in the branding of their pilot program. By the end of the project, the organization wanted rTraction to have a completed logo design and name for their Youth Social Space program. The Social Planning Council wanted concepts that fit the aim and purpose of the program, as well as tailored to the youth. 

How We Helped

To meet the goals of the Social Planning Council we set out targets to ensure our banding ideas followed the guidelines of the organization. First, we came up with a name for the program which was Vibe. Then we brainstormed a colour scheme, and layout that best fit the brand and purpose of the program. 


The final project consisted of a creative name and a finished logo for the youth drop in centre. 

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