5 Things We’re Looking Forward to at Explode Conference

Take cover, because London is set for an explosion of creative proportions later this week as business leaders, designers, developers, artists and entrepreneurs gather to take in Explode Conference. Promising to “share and provoke,” we’re excited to send a good portion of the team down the road to take part in the event.

In anticipation of the gathering, here’s what we’re most looking forward to...

1. Learning What Happens Where Design and Development Meet

What does it take for these increasingly overlapping disciplines to create good (or bad) user experiences? With a bunch of designers and developers slated to speak on the subject, we’re confident we’ll be walking away from the conference with some clearer answers.

2. Discovering Community by Design

With a slew of presenters coming from a community-engaged perspective/practice (including Toronto’s Una Lee, Hamilton’s Chris Farias and Chicago’s Jessica Cobb), we’ve got a hunch there may be some larger culture-making conversations going on at Explode...making it a conference that just might move further beyond pixels than expected.

3. Meeting in Fanshawe’s “new” digs

Having such a top-notch program situated in our city’s core is more than convenient: it’s essential to supporting the city’s growing creative class. We couldn’t be more excited to hang out in the space for a few days and act like we’re back in school—where new ideas are around every corner and everything else is within walking distance.

4. Seeing Old Friends

We’ve written about this in more detail here, but it’d be a shame not to mention how excited we are to hear from some old friends like Denise, Damon and Chantelle

5. Making New Friends

With a portfolio review, an after-party-that-starts-before-the-conference-is-even-over and some generous lunch breaks, Explode is offering ample opportunity to make some new friends. And with their effort to bring in attendees from across more than a few disciplines, we’re especially looking forward to some great variety in those we’re brushing shoulders with.

Heading to the conference yourself?

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