Top 5 Tactics For Creating Video Content

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In case you missed our presentation with Pillar Nonprofit Network this month, we highlighted our top 5 tactics for creating video content!

1. Understand Your Audience



Our first tip is to make sure you know your audience. Knowing your audience's demographics and interests will be key to making engaging content! Posting TikTok-style short videos can be great, but if your primary demographic is over 55, consider shooting long-form content too.


2. Develop A Storytelling Strategy


Once you know your audience, you can develop a storytelling strategy. What key message are you getting across? What is the "Why, How, What"? You can also focus on the creative brief aspects of the video; is it emotional, is it funny? What direction are you going?


3. Keep it Concise and Engaging


It's not a secret that our attention spans are shrinking due to the new types of media we are consuming. Try to keep your video content, concise and engaging. You have the first ten seconds to really capture your audience, make it count!


4. Utilize Your Smartphone


Gone are the days when you need a super fancy cinema camera to make video content. Smartphones create amazing footage, especially the newest models. This is a great starting point for making videos, and there are many best practices you can follow for shooting mobile video.

5. Audio Makes Video Look Good


Even if your phone can record 4k, if you can't hear what the main message of the video is, understand what is going on, or if the audio is blown out – it will not be an enjoyable experience. Recording crisp audio, and balancing sound levels should be a priority! You should also design for soundless video and make use of closed caption features. 

Share these top 5 tactics for better video with someone you know, and start creating video content today.

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