Custom Software Development

rTraction has been building custom software for over fifteen years. We thrive on removing the friction from our clients’ most critical processes so they can deliver more with less work, from driving content or product distribution to integrating systems and process to enabling marketing.

Innovation is among our core values. It’s why we enjoy working with clients who value creative problem solving, and why we are drawn to organizations that require complex technical solutions.

Following a modified Agile methodology, we provide applications that can be built, deployed, and tested using as much automation as possible, with the fewest bugs and inconsistencies we can control. This allows us to build more dependable software, that’s also less expensive to maintain, which means iterative development can happen quickly and collaboratively, and without extensive manual test cycles. Our life cycle management team uses the latest in monitoring tools to ensure that we’re aware of any abnormalities (such as huge traffic spikes, or hacking attempts) the moment they occur.

Laravel Development

Since 2013, our team has been developing enterprise software on the Laravel platform. We have built one of the largest Laravel products to date at well over a million lines of code, and we have used the platform to solve a variety of business challenges from content distribution management to product ordering.

Laravel is an open-source, PHP web application framework that has garnered massive support from the development community

Drupal Development

Drupal is a content management system (CMS) that allows for flexibility and scalability for websites that need to accomplish a bit more than the average brochure-site-plus-blog. For the organization that needs a custom e-commerce experience, finely-tuned user permissions, user-generated content, or other intricate interactive features, Drupal is an excellent choice that can support your needs today and longer-term.

Backed by a strong development community, Drupal offers a variety of modules to support your needs, and values security above all (with remarkably fewer security holes than other popular CMS options). As an open-source framework, Drupal has no licensing or subscription fees. Like any technology, though, it’s wise to ensure it’s kept up to date by an internal IT team or a trusted vendor.

We have been developing on Drupal for over five years, having created dozens of websites across industries. We have built customized e-commerce flows, knowledge exchange networks and venue websites (with ticketing integrations).


Developers using PHP have built the web we know today.  From CMS’s like Drupal and Wordpress to information hubs like Wikipedia, and Social Media Platforms like Facebook, the incredibly flexible and dynamic language has the right balance of a low barrier of entry for new developers, and advanced features and frameworks to give senior developers all the power they need to create large, enterprise applications.

WordPress Development

It’s the content management system (CMS) that likely needs no introduction. WordPress is the platform of choice for many bloggers and businesses alike, because it’s simple, open-source (which means you don’t have to pay for a licence) and has a massive library of plug-ins to cover a variety of needs.

We have built numerous WordPress websites for small organizations that want a straightforward website that allows their non-technical team to keep content up-to-date.

Mobile Applications

A mobile application can deliver a unique experience that builds a stronger connection to a brand’s mission (e.g., mindyourmind’s Be Safe), a company’s services (e.g., a banking app) or to a venue or institution (e.g., the National Gallery of Canada).

We built our first mobile app in 2011, and have created apps for iOS and Android. We follow an Agile process to ensure we keep your goals and functional requirements top of mind, and can adapt as we go through the process and get your feedback.