“This is the second project I have used rTraction for. I find their creativity, knowledge, attention to detail, and willingness to collaborate to be exceptional. With both projects, the results exceeded my expectations. Josh, James, and Jon all went above and beyond what many would to ensure my satisfaction. They were on-time, on budget, and delivered exceptional results.”



The Story

Doholis-Lambert is an innovative management consulting firm offering a unique approach for helping successful entrepreneurs get more from their business by overcoming barriers that often get in the way of reaching new levels of growth and profitability. Their process is designed to develop effective leadership teams that are focused, aligned, and accountable so their clients can focus on what’s really important rather than be distracted by day-to-day minutia.

Doholis-Lambert connected with rTraction to bring their website and print materials into alignment with a new pitch-deck they had started using. Wanting to consistently communicate their expertise across both print and digital would call for special attention to detail — a challenge we were excited to take on.

Working collaboratively, we kicked off the project with a focus on their existing pitch-deck, determining what parts of the script fit better as print than digital (and vice versa), and how we could rewrite the copy to suit each medium. We decided to create a new brochure first; once we were happy with its layout, we prioritized the website’s architecture to match. With continued collaboration and back-and-forth with the client, we had all pieces working together smoothly.

Working with Squarespace 7.1 for the website made for easy adjustments to the design, allowing us to integrate our client’s feedback and perspective into the process without much trouble at all. While some features called for late pivots, thanks to our chosen Content Management System (Squarespace), it was easy to incorporate changes into the refined custom site we delivered.

The project was a brilliant reminder that simple websites can have a great impact, especially when a company’s mission is clearly displayed front-and-centre. We celebrate every opportunity to build during client meetings, and our partnership truly reflects the trust and flexibility that we as an agency strive to incorporate in every business relationship.

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