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“We had high expectations going into the relationship yet rTraction exceeded them. The team always had our best interests in mind, taking into consideration the nuances of our business model. From start to finish there was a true feeling of co-creation. The team’s genuine enthusiasm and excitement for the project made rTraction a delight to work with.”


The Story

As part of the Community Foundations of Canada, London Community Foundation (LCF) works toward stronger and more resilient communities through strategic investing, while driving innovative community-based initiatives. They are a charitable organization dedicated to London and Middlesex County, pooling monetary contributions to create endowment funds and investment income to make grants accessible to local charities.

LCF had built their website piecemeal over the years and in need of a streamlined, strategic overhaul. The website acted as a functional brochure, and the integral information continued to grow as the team added more and more important content. 

The LCF Website Redevelopment project set off to create a modern and easy to navigate site that reflected the Foundation’s brand. It was designed to engage stakeholders with their vivid content, while ensuring visitors could get to the information they needed quickly. Brief and simple language throughout lent to intuitive wayfinding, putting the team’s needs and best practices top of mind.

Part of our planning process involved forecasting changes the Foundation’s digital future would face; we knew the LCF’s needs would eventually evolve. The site was built with the potential for a donor portal, aligning with the Foundation’s larger strategic goals and supplementing the call-to-action to donate. A clearer user experience on mobile lent to better engagement and ensured accessibility on and offline. As well, engaging content that supported their organizational focus encouraged more e-newsletter subscriptions, keeping their stakeholders in the loop. 

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