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“We believe that a well-funded non-profit sector achieves justice for everyone.” - YellowTree Grant Services Inc.

Since 2018, YellowTree Grant Services Inc. has helped individuals find, identify, and apply for funding opportunities. They offer a variety of grant-related services to help non-profit organizations and charities achieve their goals.


YellowTree approached us to create a new website that showcased who they were and what services they provided.

How We Can Help

We’ve been building websites for over two decades, and we love working with charities and nonprofits to help make a difference in our communities. With our expertise and experience in both websites and with YellowTree’s demographic, we knew what would make an effective website that would help lead to brand awareness for YellowTree.


We built them a responsive Squarespace Content Management System, to create a simple, easy-to-use website that showcases everything about their brand. A Squarespace website also leaves room for flexibility in adding e-commerce in the future. This flexibility that Squarespace provides is key when considering future growth.

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