“I love working with rTraction! The Camp Kee-Mo-Kee website is our primary marketing tool, and after working with rTraction keemokee.com exudes the feelings that we want people to experience when they camp at Camp Kee-Mo-kee: bright, fresh, energetic, happy! I only expected rTraction to work on our website, but they also provided suggestions and recommended tools for our email and social media. I truly feel that rTraction is a partner in our long term success.”


The Story

Camp Kee-Mo-Kee has a reputation for being one of the best overnight summer camps for kids over the last 60 years. Their team works hard to create a safe and nurturing atmosphere, encouraging exploration and wonder while giving campers the courage to try new things.

The magic of summer campis a fundamental attribute that flows through Kee-Mo-Kee’s values; connecting through cohabitation and shared experience. The team motivates their youth to grow spiritually, emotionally, and physically, while integrating the important values of inclusion and respect during their time at camp.  

Camp Kee-Mo-Kee’s original website had a lot of information but was hard to navigate  and full of out-of-date content. It also lacked feature photography and the clarity of their ‘Camp Story’ — aspects which were integral to engaging the community and potential camp leaders. They needed a website that met their communication needs and could express their future vision.

rTraction helped create a new website that was AODA compliant and had a consistent style. The update made information easy to find and store, prioritizing text that promoted the camp as the community destination it was renowned for. We also facilitated a training workshop to equip the Kee-Mo-Kee team with the skills to continue website maintenance and their continuing content strategy. The site is now a hub for a future expansion into digital media and online storytelling, fulfilling their need to incorporate online programs and camper enrolment

“I’m excited to be a member of rTraction’s Community Partners Program. My previous experience with making websites is that the vendor relationship ends with the project. I’ve never felt that I had someone to reach out to for help. With rTraction, asking for help is easy. It’s a great feeling to know that rTraction has our back and will proactively help our organization to grow.”


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