Craig Travel is a Canadian-owned and operated travel company founded in 1969. They believe that travel is far more than checking off tourist attractions but, a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the many diverse cultures. 

The Craig Travel difference means: 

  • Authentic and enriching journeys. 
  • Thoughtfully designed itineraries. 
  • Carefree travel. 

Curating and sharing enriching travel experiences are at the forefront of this organization and they wanted a fresh and easy-to-use website design to accompany its beliefs. 



Craig Travel approached us looking for a new website design that would have more functionality and a look that fit the image of the company. By the end of the project, the organization wanted a website that was up-to-date with the newest technology, a simpler website to maintain, and website navigation that benefited their targeted demographic. The overall goal of the website was to enhance the customer's experience while also providing an easier to update and easier to maintain website. 

How We Helped

To ensure the goals of the organization were met, we had set out a project roadmap to accomplish the following: 

  • Used the current organization's design elements to enhance the new website. 
  • Created a cohesive and more functional website that allowed staff to maintain and update information easily. 
  • Provided a structure that enhances the intentions of the organization while giving access to the target demographic to ensure easier site navigation. 


The final website provides a user-friendly experience with a design that enhances the current organization's logo and themes. The previous Drupal 7 management system was updated to the current version of Drupal 10 and the design of the website promotes an easier-to-use navigational system for the organization's target demographic. Additionally, the new website allows for staff to easily maintain the backend of the website while also simplifying the ability to add information to the website. 

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