Goodwill Industries is a Non-Profit organization that provides work opportunities, skills development and employee/family strengthening for people facing barriers. One of the programs offered at Goodwill Industries is the Goodwill Career Centre. This is where individuals can go for free services and programs that help you navigate career options. One of the more specific programs offered through the Goodwill Career Centre is the Youth Job Connection program. This program is funded in part with the government of Ontario and is a two-week program dedicated to training individuals between the ages of 18 and 29. This program helps those individuals to learn new skills, develop work experience and acquire more knowledge about the job market.


The Goodwill Career Centre approached us looking for assistance in gaining more traffic and new participants in their Youth Job Connection program. The main goal of this campaign was to increase community engagement and encourage individuals to register for this program. 

How we helped

To ensure we met the goals the Goodwill Career Centre set, we devised a plan to create a Spotify ads campaign. We have increased the program's awareness and overall reach by using Spotify ads. 


The final product consisted of a Spotify ads campaign from January 2022 to October 2023. This campaign was shown to have an increased effectiveness with 1,007,044 impressions, a reach of 138,799 and 3,248 clicks. Overall, this campaign brought many individuals to the program, and as mentioned by the Goodwill Career staff, most participants were made aware of the program through our Spotify campaign. Due to the success of this campaign, we continue to work with Goodwill Career Centre on Brand Awareness campaigns. 


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