A Community Partnership

In 1986, the London Food Bank was founded. It is governed by a community of board directors, and is primarily volunteer-run. As a non-profit, their mission “is to help a generous community share its food resources” (London Food Bank, 2022).  The London Food Bank provides the community with assistance related to poverty, food insecurity, food warehouse services, need, and by partnering with other community partners who also assist people in need.

During 2020, the surrounding community and the London Food Bank stepped up to help the increase in need of services caused by the pandemic. The London Food Bank needed support to help structure their website in such a way that provides ease of use to those in need of services, and to keep it fresh. Working with the London Food Bank in our rTraction Community Partner program, we redesigned their website with the capability to keep it up to date regardless of the various changes that can occur over time.

About the Project

A core service in our community, the London Food Bank’s new website displays how to get help, donate food, or volunteer, via a seamless header and footer with call-to-action buttons that direct the visitor to these core principles.

Their new website showcases the people who make the large operation of the London Food Bank possible — the volunteers in the community.

In addition, you can find a multimedia pillar page showcasing video podcasts, called food bites, where the London Food Bank sits down and talks with important members of the community discussing main issues and current events related to community based needs. 

The Result

The redesign focuses on what the London Food Bank stands for; helping those in need in the community, providing information regarding issues the community is facing, showcasing the people in the community who make the London Food Bank possible, and working with community partners to share food resources.

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