The National Safer Supply Community of Practice (NSS-CoP) is a knowledge exchange initiative for scaling up Safer Supply programs across Canada.


This initiative was a brand new project and needed a brand new website design, structure, logo, Google Analytics, and assistance with email. LIHC approached rTraction to help bring the NSS-CoP initiative to life on the web.


rTraction worked on this project from July 2021 until the website launch in February 2022.


We first needed to work with NSS-CoP to establish a new name, logo, and brand vision for the project to develop core structural elements for the website. Our main goal was to get the site up and running in a basic functional sense so that people would have access to the knowledge base and resources as soon as possible.

The Logo

When designing the logo we focused on the idea of sharing information with each other and the sense of community. We went with the design of people connected together in a circle with a distinguishable star in the center.

The green to blue gradient was chosen showcasing the differences of people coming together, and were chosen specifically to harmonize with their community partners.

We made sure to use a legible and narrow font, in multiple weights, to visually break it up for legibility and distinction. The lines of text were arranged in a key shape for visual aesthetic.

The logo needed to be easily recognizable and in both English and French, as NSS-CoP is utilized by both francophone and anglophone users across Canada.

The Website

NSS-CoP needed a brand new website to launch their initiative. The website needed to be accessible, responsive, resourceful and multilingual. To get started, rTraction built a temporary Squarespace site to establish their web presence and anticipate the upcoming main site. Simultaneously, rTraction worked with NSS-CoP to build the main Drupal website.

The benefits of a Drupal site includes that it is easy to use and secure. It is AODA compliant, and allows for a multilingual experience. With a Drupal content management system there can be multiple users and permissions set for access, content, and posting.

Using Drupal rTraction created a website that has both public and private access. The private portal works with vetted membership. The join form was customized to fit their needs; this allows NSS-CoP the ability to review who joins.

With Drupal, rTraction created an extensive resource library that will allow community partners and website visitors to access resources, documents, and literature related to NSS-CoP’s mission.

rTraction worked with NSS-CoP to translate updates to their website, and to ensure an accessible bilingual experience for both Francophone and Anglophone users.

The site features simple navigation, with easy access to the resource library, information, and a portal to join. We worked with NSS-CoP to create a website that effectively brings community partners together to accomplish their mission.


We provided NSS-CoP with a new, recognizable, responsive website that helps others find the knowledge and resources that they need.

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