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We had the incredible opportunity to work with Ontario’s Southwest (OSW) (also known as Southwest Ontario Tourism Corporation), whose mission is to create a vibrant and inclusive regional tourism sector that balances the needs of visitors, tourism partners, communities, and the environment. Over the last few years, the tourism industry has been impacted in ways that have forced it to pivot in ways it never had before. As a result of this, OSW wants to be able to support the tourism industry so that it remains relevant and competitive, and a driving economic force in the region.


OSW approached rTraction with a working website that they thought could be improved. They wanted to achieve their strategic goals, and highlight their pillars - tourism leadership, tourism supply support, and tourism demand action - in order to achieve their vision. The goals we wanted to achieve through this project were: Building a website that is functional, easy to update, and an amazing resource for those who need it. Beyond this, OSW also wanted a fully functional and accessible website with e-commerce integration in order to meet both current and future needs in an ever-changing and growing industry.


How We Helped

Through performing a website audit and doing interviews with staff, we were able to recommend rebuilding the website on Squarespace. With over 20 years of experience developing and improving websites, we knew we had the expertise to rebuild their website based on what we discovered in the audit, and the recommendations we outlined.


The Squarespace website provided an easy to use content management system, easy navigation, and allowed OSW to showcase amazing stories from the tourism industry across Ontario’s Southwest.

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